Marshall Home Fund
Marshall Home Fund


The Marshall Home Fund provides two types of grants - Program Grants to organizations and Individual Grants to assist older Watertown residents in need.  See the descriptions and guidelines for each below.


Program Grants
We annually award modest program grants to public agencies,  private non-profits, and town departments serving adults 55 and older. The services and programs provided through grant funds must directly benefit Watertown residents. 
Proposals for our 2018 grants were due March 16, 2018.  Awards were distributed on May 15 at the Watertown Public Library. Grant awards are made to fund projects for a twelve (12) month period, which may begin at any time during the calendar year.
By awarding any particular grant, the Marshall Home Fund in no way implies that ongoing grants will be made for the same purpose, although recipients may reapply in the future.
We fund innovative proposals to support Watertown's efforts to be an Age-Friendly Community---a place where older adults can live, thrive and contribute. This year, we were particulary interested in projects that relate to several issues that were identified at a town-wide Age-Friendly Community forum held last November, namely the need for: 1) more affordable and accessible housing options for older residents; 2) addtional transportation options for older people; and 3) improved communication about the services and programs offered throughout the town and about how residents can advocate for policies affecting older adults.
Download the 2018 Grant Guidelines.
See a list of this year's grant awards and a description of how they fit into the framework of an Age Friendly Community. 


Direct Financial Assistance

Marshall Home Fund provides financial assistance to individual Watertown residents, age 55 and older, who have an urgent need that cannot be met by family assets or through any other funding sources. 
Financial assistance is given for a wide variety of needs, affecting the health and quality of life of recipients.
Requests for assistance must come through a public agency, town department, or private organization.  The short financial assistance application form may be submitted at any time on behalf of an individual Watertown resident age 55 or older.
To obtain a financial assistance application form, call:
Watertown Council on Aging (617) 972-6490
Watertown Social Services Resources office (617) 744-9585
Springwell  (617) 926-4100.
or write to:
The Marshall Home Fund
120 Mt. Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472


Marshall Home Fund

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Marshall Home Fund
120 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472

Marshall Home Fund